Prisor Jazz Band (프리저 재즈 밴드)

Feigeli Prisor – the Modest Master After almost half a lifetime of excellent guitar playing, Dutch virtuoso Feigeli Prisor (Wittem, 1964) is still somewhat of a legend. A real musician’s musician, one might call him, true to the age-long oral tradition of handing over their inspiring, heartfelt music to a younger generation. Friends and colleagues know and revere him as a true master of the gypsy guitar, but only gradually his name has reached a wider international audience. As a small child, he regularly retired to the solitude of the silent woods surrounding the encampment where the Prisor family lived. His father sent him there: “That is the place where you can really learn to master your instrument”, he said.
And so it happened. At age 14, he acquired his first Busato, worked relentlessly, listened attentively to his famous predecessors and gradually created a personal solo style of his own. Falling in love with Mala Schäfer and subsequently moving to the Sinti community in Gerwen was an event that changed his life and his musical career for good. In the Gerwen Sinti camp – also called the European Capital of Gypsy Swing – he was constantly surrounded by the very best; they all played – from the youngest kid until the old and grey… Waso Grünholz, the famous Godfather of Gypsy Swing in the Netherlands – and Stochelo Rosenberg, just to name a few.
Feigeli was a fast learner – and soon he led the first band under his own name. Being present and very active and the annual Samois festivals again brought him wider European recognition. Feigeli’s first records were well received by critics and audiences in the Netherlands and abroad. His latest CD, ‘Fetela’, released late 2012 by Sinti Music Records, was highly praised for its originality, its swing and its flawless production by the international trade media. After having successfully appeared in clubs and at festivals in Western Europe, in 2012 his band first showed its unmistakable talents at the Sziget Festival in Budapest. More recently they proudly presented themselves as the opening act at the annual Khamoro World Gypsy Festival in Prague and at similar festivals in Düsseldorf, Hildesheim, Koblenz and Tilburg.
In a completely new line-up. Still including a member of the Schäfer family on rhythm guitar: nephew Sendelo, with his smooth, creamy touch lays the rhythmic and harmonic basis under Feigeli’s sparkling solo work and his sensitive ballads – closely together now with double bass player Peter Krijnen, a man who carries over half a century of experience on the worldwide jazz scene on his back. So it might be a fruitful idea to book the Feigeli Prisor Band for your next club or festival event – and enjoy Feigeli’s contagious playing pleasure firsthand. See for yourself how his music fulfills him; that is when his warm smile breaks through. Then you know it is allright – and it feels allright. That is the moment when his emotions melt together with his music… Wouldn’t that be a wonderful experience to share with your audience?
The Feigeli Prisor Band is now on sale for the upcoming club and festival season. In the basic trio setup – or extended with reputed soloists such as Tim Kliphuis on violin, André Donni on reeds or Nidja Prisor as a singer; all three can also be heard on the ‘Fetela’ CD. For full and detailed information please contact us soonest!